Known Issues for 9.4.1

Known Issues since last release

Tool Issue Description
Data Purge 80930 The new Data Purge tool allows administrators to create and manage data sets in a queue. However, the data sets will not be purged or stored until an upcoming service pack enables the necessary processes.
Discussions 38933 Non-visual users cannot easily figure out which message they are replying to in the reading view of the Discussions tool. Subjects need to be added to the titles of all action links in the reading view.
Dropbox 35667 When a user uploads an HTML or XHTML file to the dropbox folder, the Dropbox tool might alter the source code so it does not appear exactly as submitted. The original file is never modified. Workaround: If you need to evaluate an unmodified version of the file, download a copy of the file to your local machine. The downloaded copy will match the original submission.
ePortfolio 67144 When a presentation is copied, the banner title and description are not included.
ePortfolio 77524 Rapidly clicking on multiple filters within the My Items page in ePortfolio results in ignored second and subsequent filters.
ePortfolio 77554 Users can click delete on an item multiple times using the multi-action for delete, but the space usage count decreases inaccurately enabling users to exceed space usage limitations.
ePortfolio 77760 Users can add Learning Environment artifacts to ePortfolio even if the object causes them to exceed the role space usage limit. Users will then receive an error message if they try to add another Learning Environment artifact after the one which exceeded the role space usage limit.
ePortfolio 77836 In Internet Explorer 9, ePorfolio presentations with .mpg video displayed in-place will not play back when submitted to a dropbox. Workaround: Use a different browser.
ePortfolio 77921 Export fails if a user attempts to export a form artifact and the form fields were edited after the user created the form artifact.
ePortfolio 78195 You cannot view ePortfolio resource files if they are downloaded as part of a zip file of dropbox assignments.
ePortfolio 78621 Password protected documents cannot be previewed in ePortfolio.
ePortfolio 78804 Users without the permission "Import Portfolio Items from a File" are not able to push ePortfolio items to other users.
ePortfolio 79411 Forms made available to students based on enrollment in a course can be accessed by the student when the course is deactivated.
ePortfolio 80248 Users cannot delete an ePortfolio sharing group using Safari 5.x unless they remove all users from the sharing group.
ePortfolio 80544 If you export ePortfolio presentations that have form artifacts displayed, the form artifacts are not available in the presentation when it is imported into another user's ePortfolio.
ePortfolio 80902 If you change the file for an ePortfolio artifact that is already contained in a presentation through the Insert Stuff Framework, that file appears as a broken image after the change. Workaround: Insert files directly as artifacts or edit the text area, then delete and re-add broken image artifact.
Groups and Sections 51476 If you add or remove a group from an existing category that has Discussions workspaces, topics are not automatically created or removed. Discussions topics need to be manually added and removed.
Learning Repository 81420 The default visibility settings for local repositories do not appear to users publishing learning objects, if they have the Manage Objects permission.

Known Issues predating the current release, but still existing

Tool Issue Description
Analytics 66503 Internet Explorer does not show Flash-based graphs on the dashboard. The browser status shows "(1 item remaining) Waiting for.....", but the graphs never load. The rest of the dashboard loads.
Blog 39936 The "Edit User Profile" link is displayed on the Settings page even if a user does not have the permission 'Manage own profile'.
Chat 47778 The Delete icon is still visible for users that do not have permission to delete chats. Clicking the icon displays the message "Please select at least one chat" since the user does not have permission to select any chats.
Checklist 52114 When users create course content that QuickLink to a checklist, the text doesn't wrap to fit the screen, but continues to the right.
Classlist 45135 All users in the Learning Environment can set, change, and remove flags from themselves and other users in the class list.
Classlist 45701 Even if you reorder your Classlist tabs, the 'All' tab is always set as the first tab.
Classlist 47386 If d2l.Settings.HasInformationPrivacy is enabled, but you have all of the permissions required to impersonate users, the Impersonate icon is missing in the Users tool.
Competencies 52679 Adding an existing Competency as a parent of a Learning Objective causes the competency to not be expandable in the Advanced view. Workaround: Create the Competency or Learning Objective using the appropriate Add Parent or Add Child when editing the first item created.
Competencies 52682 Clicking on the Assessment Object link causes a HTTP 500 error when the assessment object is either the final calculated grade or final adjusted grade.
Competencies 73101 On the Edit Structure tab, when users create a new competency and add it as a parent, the competency tree structure is not updated (unless manually refreshed) and the children of this newly created Competency disappear from the tree structure giving an impression that they have been deleted.
Content 31818 If a user clicks very rapidly on the action icons in the content viewer for a SCORM-2004 course that has had its sequencing and navigation removed, then multiple pop-ups might open that mask the action bar, making the icons inaccessible.
Content 42347 The export file for Course Feedback displays all data in a single column when you open it in Excel. This happens because the system is adding quotation marks to each field. Workaround: In Notepad, search and replace all quotation marks with nothing. You can then open the file in Excel and see it separated into columns.
Content 43271 When users click Print from the View Content page and then select a topic that is a QuickLink, a JavaScript error occurs and the selected topic does not print. Workaround: Do not use the View Content page to print the topic.
Content 44348 Embedded RealPlayer (.rm or .ram) does not support https.
Content 46080 If you create a new topic using the HTML Editor and create a QuickLink in the topic, the HTML Editor resolves the username and other information and doesn't update it based on the user logging in when the topic gets published.
Content 49617 In course offerings with more than 3,000 modules and topics, browsers will display warnings that a script is taking too long to run. If users stop the script, the page does not finish loading.
Content 52870 In Settings for Content Viewer, if you select the Show current module only checkbox under the Sidebar heading, and then go to View Content, all the units in the sidebar appear as Unit 1. Workaround: Clear the Show current module only checkbox and delete {Enumeration} from the Module Name Display field.
Content 53040 When you copy content topics with linked discussions topics to a new course there is no indication the topics are still linked to discussions in the original course in the topic's Discussion tab in Manage Content. However, when you check the topic in View Content it has a discussion icon. Users who click that icon receive a Not Authorized error if they are not enrolled in both courses. Users who are enrolled in both go to the discussion topic in the original course. Workaround: Edit the topic in the new course to point to a discussion topic in the new course.
Content 53381 When you remove the {Enumeration} replacement string from content display settings it does not remove it from the content tool within course offerings. Workaround: Hide the enumeration for each topic (this can be time consuming).
Content 53454 If you create a QuickLink topic to a URL that links to a WMV file and view it in Manage Content, it plays the video in Windows Media Player as expected. If you view it in View Content it embeds it in the page and it does not play. Workaround: Add a space at the end of all asmx QuickLink URLs.
Content 60756 Content topics configured to open in a new window might be blocked by pop-up blockers. Workaround: Users can configure their browser to allow pop-ups from the site. For Quicklink topics, users have to hold the CTRL key when they click the topic to allow pop-ups.
Course Builder 55139 Users accessing the Course Builder with screen reading software find that the top tree item has a linked image called "my home" next to a text link called "my home".
Course Builder 60472 Learning Objective Activities created in Course Builder by associating a Learning Objective to a Quiz, Discussion, or Dropbox item are not deleted if the Learning Objective is deleted or the association is removed, leaving orphaned activities in the Competencies tool that need to manually be deleted if necessary.
Course Export 30016 When you export course components, and select individual Content topics to export, all course files are exported regardless of what topics you selected.
Course Export 31646 If you export all grade items, Formula and Calculated items are exported. However, if you choose to export individual items, Formula and Calculated items are not selectable items and cannot be exported.
Course Export 44708 Course files are not included in course export files unless you export Content components.
Course Export 45522 Attempting to copy a course file that has a comma in its name causes an error and the copy fails.
Course Import/Export 26752 Self assessments do not import from WebCT packages.
Course Import/Export 33325 Feedback on quiz questions does not import correctly for some Blackboard packages.
Course Import/Export 46216 Some WebCT CE 6 packages fail to import to the Learning Environment.
Course Import/Export 46571 When users import questions from BlackBoard 6, embedded images for the questions are not imported. They must be manually imported into the correct path in the manage files area.
Course Import/Export 47116 When you attempt to import components from the Learning Repository using Import/Export/Copy course components, it lets you browse to and select an object in the repository, but does not let you complete the action.
Course Import/Export 47255 If you attempt to import Blackboard 6 quizzes, the import process stops and generates an error.
Course Import/Export 48688 When the configuration variable d2l.Settings.HasCourseSelectionDropdowns is enabled, users enrolled in a large number of org units (about 150,000) receive an error stating, "Infinite loop detected" if those users attempt to copy course components. There appears to be too many org units to display in the drop-down list. Workaround: Create a user/role with access to copy course components and enroll that user in just the source and destination courses for copying. The drop-down list then contains only the courses necessary.
Course Import/Export 50325 When users import a course package and select overwrite files, the system does not overwrite files, but creates duplicates.
Course Import/Export 51867 If a Content topic has a "+" character in its filename, the character is stripped from the file path during the conversion process causing the link to the topic in Content to be broken.
Course Import/Export 52112 When importing Content topics, any characters with accents are changed to commas. This applies to both the topic names and the filenames, the latter of which causes broken links.
Course Import/Export 55297 If you import a question to the question library that has the UTF code œ in the Question Text, the character is not converted. The character displays as expected when you edit the question, but it displays the code when you preview the question or when users taking the quiz see the question.
Course Management 55862 When you reoffer a course, the Course Home is not copied to the new course. Workaround: Manually copy the Course Home.
Crosslistings 49484 If you create at least two courses, crosslist both courses, and then add groups to the courses, attempting to delete the crosslisting for any of the courses causes an error.
Discussions 27624 When creating or replying to a message, clicking the Post button more than once creates multiple posts of the same message.
Discussions 37005 If you reorder a discussion topic list and then copy the discussion topic list to a new course, the topics are copied in the original order.
Discussions 40431 If you select All Forums in the Forum drop-down menu on the Group Restrictions page for a discussion topic, no results are returned. If you select a specific forum the page functions correctly.
Discussions 43106 If you print a discussion message from the Print Preview page the printed message is not formatted correctly.
Discussions 50085 If a user hasn't met all release conditions for a group Discussions topic, the topic is still accessible from the Groups tool if at least one member of the group category has met the release conditions.
Discussions 53283 When you use Copy Topic in Discussions, any release conditions for the topic are not copied to the new topic. The new topic shares the conditions with the original topic. This means that when you remove conditions from the new topic they are also removed from the original topic despite still showing the "Has Conditional Release" icon beside its name. Workaround: Delete the release conditions and re-add the appropriate conditions to each topic.
Discussions 53324 In Internet Explorer 7, when users click Compose in any course discussion page, the Compose window only partially loads. The bar containing the Post and Cancel buttons is not visible. Workaround: Click anywhere in the Compose window, to finish loading the window.
Discussions 57158 If you edit a shared forum to change its org unit type and associated org unit, it reverts to the original org unit type and org unit association on saving.
Discussions 60195 When you automatically create restricted topics from the Group Restrictions area you cannot change the selected forum on the create page. The system creates group restricted topics in the forum that you initially selected.
Discussions 72619 Users might experience long load times in Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8 when using the Reading Style to display messages in the Threaded View and there are messages with hundreds of replies. Workaround: In Settings, change to the Grid Style and/or Un-threaded View. Alternatively, users can select a smaller number from the Page Size drop-down. Users can also use a different browser than Internet Explorer 7 or 8.
DOME 40764 Trying to delete an orphaned group using the Org Unit Editor in the DOME tool produces a 500 error and the group is not deleted.
Dropbox 38840 If you have a large course (over 200 users), you may get a 500 error if you click the Leave Feedback link for a user. This only happens for large courses with multiple pages of users.
Dropbox 42408 In previous versions of the Dropbox tool, when you downloaded files the name of the user who submitted the file was appended to the file name. As of Learning Environment 8.2 this is no longer true. Workaround: On the Users tab, select the check box for the user and click the Download Submissions from selected users icon.
Dropbox 46428 Accent characters are stripped from file names when dropbox submissions are downloaded to a local machine.
Dropbox 50707 Dropbox folders with special access restrictions do not appear in the list of folders when previewing dropbox folders.
Dropbox 54278 If you view feedback when impersonating a user in Dropbox, the feedback is marked as read.
Dropbox 55751 In the Group Dropbox area, the search option "Show All Groups" only returns groups that have submitted a file to the Group Dropbox area, unless there are no submissions and then all groups are shown.
Dropbox 56586 If users submit an empty file to a dropbox and then you click on that file, the system does not mark it as read.
Email 33842 Accessing an IMAP email account page (such as the Inbox) causes a JavaScript error.
Email 42560 You may get an error when composing a message if you have a number of large email folders.
Email 43390 If you send a message to an invalid email address that runs on the same exchange server that your message was sent from the system tries to resend the email indefinitely and you do not receive any communication that the email address was invalid.
Email 43709 The read date within 'recipient activity' does not convert to the proper time zone.
Email 45933 If users send an email from the Draft email folder the Inbox unread counter does not appear correct.
Email 49919 When users view an email listing a large number of recipients, the message header and body do not wrap, and have a large amount of white space inserted horizontally, forcing the horizontal scroll bar to display. When users attempt to print the message, the page is cut off on the right.
ePortfolio 41655 If you use an AVI file as an artifact in a presentation, a black box may appear when you scroll through the presentation page.
ePortfolio 43585 When browsing which group a user belongs to on the Permissions tab, all courses are displayed. Therefore, if multiple courses have groups, and the groups are named by default as Group 1, Group 2, etc, then there is a chance of duplication in group names where the user will not be able to distinguish which group goes with which course.
ePortfolio 44951 If you try to submit a portfolio item that has a very complicated nested structure (a presentation that contains a form that links to a collection which contains a form that links to an artifact - or something similar using presentations, collections and forms) from ePortfolio to a dropbox folder, you receive a 500 error. Producing this error is unlikely.
ePortfolio 46527 If you give a user permissions for an ePortfolio item and select Add and Send Invite than click Cancel on the Invite dialog, the permissions should be added, but no invite should be sent. This functionality is working correctly, but the Permissions page is not refreshed to show the new permissions; therefore, it is unclear if the permissions have been added.
ePortfolio 46660 In the Reporting tool, bar graphs for ePortfolio Items Shared statistics cause an error stating the graph contains too much data to render if the following fields are chosen for the x-axis: Target Name, Target Code/ID or Profile Name.
ePortfolio 46832 In the Reporting tool, "External Viewer" does not appear as an option for the x-axis of ePortfolio Items Shared reports.
ePortfolio 46833 In the Reporting tool, "External Author" does not appear as an option for the x-axis of ePortfolio Comments reports.
ePortfolio 54942 For an artifact that is an uploaded file, if the user edits the name or description field and then changes the uploaded file, the edits to the name or description are lost.
ePortfolio 57188 Users are unable to hide their first name or last name from displaying in presentations if they choose to display any field from their profile information.
ePortfolio 57806 When setting up Sharing Groups in ePortfolio, users can see cascading roles when they have no permission in the Learning Environment to see those roles.
ePortfolio 58499 Users who do not have the role permission "Add Tags to Vocabulary" can't add items to a collection based on tags, even if the tags are existing public tags and they have the permission "Use Tag Vocabulary." If they had the permission "Add Tags to Vocabulary" and it is turned off, they can no longer see any items that were added to a collection based on tags. Public tags can't be added to ePortfolio items without the "Use Tag Vocabulary" role permission; however, users without the permission see the public tags and can select them, they are not added to the users' items but the reason they were not added is not explained.
ePortfolio 59414 The message, "There are currently no comments for this object," displays even when comments exist if users do not have permission to "See comments from others" but do have permission to: "Add comments", "See assessments from others", and "Add assessments".
ePortfolio 59842 While editing another user's presentation, embedded image artifacts (which are only shared through the presentation) do not display in a presentation's text area. However, these images do appear when viewing the presentation.
ePortfolio 60036 While previewing a form, if a user makes changes to the form and then refreshes the preview, the page will not refresh properly. Workaround: Close the preview dialog and reopen.
ePortfolio 60618 The artifact preview functionality does not display the preview for users when their Learning Environment preferences are set to show secondary windows as pop-ups and their browser's pop-up blocker is enabled.
ePortfolio 60972 Profile pictures within a presentation do not dynamically update when users change their profile pictures. Workaround: Perform a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) within the presentation to display the new profile picture.
ePortfolio 61009 External users are unable to reset their passwords to access a presentation.
ePortfolio 61520 When editing or viewing the change log for a reflection with an embedded image, the image cannot be viewed.
ePortfolio 61874 A configuration variable used for status information (d2l.Tools.ePortfolio.EASES.LastProcessedLogId) is logging its updates to the database each time the service is run.
ePortfolio 62215 While editing a presentation, if you set a page's properties to "Do not show this page in the Navigation panel", its title will not appear when you view the page in the presentation.
ePortfolio 62569 Users with ePortfolio role permissions, Manage Forms and/or Manage Org Unit Permission Profiles, incorrectly have the ability to edit the course and see the Admin Widget.
ePortfolio 63690 Reflections that contain embedded images that are associated with a Presentation are not displayed on the Review Page of the Presentation.
ePortfolio 64091 Visibility status on reflections, presentations, and collections does not hide items after they have been shared with an invite.
ePortfolio 65881 If a user adds profile information to a presentation, system information (first name, last name, org defined ID and system email) do not display in the presentation.
ePortfolio 66400 You cannot successfully edit previously modified theme styles in a copied ePortfolio presentation.
ePortfolio 67252 Adding an artifact to a presentation and then switching tabs before the action completes results in an error that blocks the user from accessing the selected tab.
ePortfolio 69344 Unzipping exported HTML presentations on a Mac using default browser option flattens the file directory (browser issue). Workaround: Use an unzip utility to unzip the HTML export package.
ePortfolio 69714 Very large images, greater than 15 MB, cause an error when attempting to preview or display in place in a presentation.
ePortfolio 70996 ePortfolio items submitted to a dropbox folder with rubrics attached do not display the percentage numbers associated with the rubric levels.
ePortfolio 71172 When an ePortfolio item with associated rubrics is pushed to other users, the associated rubrics are not included.
ePortfolio 71416 If you export a presentation to HTML that contains a form with a profile picture field, the profile picture does not display in the HTML presentation.
ePortfolio 71550 If an instructor attaches a feedback file to a Dropbox submission and a student creates a Dropbox artifact from that submission, the attached feedback file does not preview in the artifact. Workaround: Click 'Download All Files' to view the attached feedback file.
ePortfolio 73188 Push functionality is not available unless a user also has permission to export relevant items to a file in addition to the required permissions: "Import Items into Another User's Portfolio" and "Make ePortfolio content available to {user role}".
ePortfolio 74595 If you enable the Can Capture Audio permission at the course offering level but not the org level, users cannot create Audio Artifacts from within a course. Workaround: Enable Can Capture Audio at the org level.
ePortfolio 74838 Exporting an ePortfolio presentation to HTML fails if the presentation contains a link to a shared item from another user and the item is no longer shared.
ePortfolio 75530 The ePortfolio Themes page and presentation Theme tab do not display translations for any of the language packs.
ePortfolio 75981 You cannot edit the display of a reflection title in a presentation after you add the reflection to the presentation. Workaround: Edit the title of the reflection, remove and then re-add the reflection to the presentation.
ePortfolio 76536 Users are unable to specify alt text when adding an image artifact to a presentation.
ePortfolio 76749 Hidden forced org unit sharing groups are still visible to users that had items shared with the sharing group before its visibility changed to hidden.
ePortfolio 76876 Presentation visibility settings do not restrict availability for users you've shared the presentation with.
ePortfolio 77107 Internet Explorer exhibits extremely poor performance when you create larger sharing lists. If the number of users or groups displayed in the list is greater than 20, it may cause the browser to freeze.
ePortfolio 77137 Presentations exported to HTML do not display equations created with the Equation Editor.
ePortfolio 77493 Pushing a presentation to other users that contains a form with date/time fields results in an error and users do not receive the pushed presentation. The error message is also misleading, "Your file has been imported."
ePortfolio 77656 If you export a public presentation to HTML, social sharing icons are incorrectly included in the HTML export files. Workaround: Remove public access sharing settings from the presentation before exporting to HTML.
ePortfolio 77675 In Internet Explorer 8, Learning Environment artifacts created prior to the ePortfolio 3.5 release may fail when you attempt to open them from the My Items page. Workaround: Open the file from the View Artifact page or use a different browser.
ePortfolio 78159 If a user pushes a presentation that includes user profile information with specific fields selected for display, the user receiving the push sees all profile fields instead of the selected fields.
ePortfolio 78206 ePortfolio presentation quicklinks to pages within the same presentation brake when you export and re-import the presentation.
ePortfolio 78428 You cannot unshare ePortfolio items from a sharing group after you've added the sharing group to the item unless you have the role permission, "Manage Org Unit Sharing Groups".
ePortfolio 78513 Form artifacts with links to a deleted ePortfolio item will prevent viewing the form.
Forms 56661 If you delete a form with a custom field that is linked to a rubric, the association with the rubric is not deleted and you cannot delete the rubric afterward.
Grades 32011 If a user imports a CSV file to Grades and changes item values during the process, the values might not be preserved.
Grades 32133 If a user creates a points-based grading system, then switches to a weighted system, and furthermore changes a bonus item to a non-bonus item, the tool might yield an incorrect maximum point value.
Grades 38986 If you export users' calculated grades to another system (such as IMS Enterprise Export) the export tool might export grades that are out of date.
Grades 48480 Entering a grade value that is longer than the field limit causes an error.
Grades 49464 When a quiz is modified and associated with a different grade item, if there are current grade attempts that appear in grades under the old associated item, this change does not automatically push the grades to the newly associated grade item and remove them from the old one.
Grades 61084 When you import grades for more than 500 users, only the first 500 scores display in the preview, even though the system correctly imports all scores.
Grades 66036 In the mobile web view of grades, bonus items incorrectly display the denominator. This does not affect grade calculations, it is only a display bug.
Groups and Sections 47338 In a list of group enrollments, when users view the list with 20 users per page, they do not see themselves appear in the list.
Groups and Sections 52378 When you set a user to Inactive, they are removed from the Classlist, but they still appear on the Groups and Sections pages.
Groups and Sections 57161 The status message displayed when you attempt to enroll users in a group that is already at its maximum does not correctly indicate that the group enrollments are not performed.
Help 48022 Users who do not have the permission "Edit the help text" at the course offering level, but have it at the org level can edit help text for particular courses.
Holding Tank 55480 Organizations that move course information from the Holding Tank to the Learning Environment (for example, when running SIS Integration) experience an error if the course information contains cohort codes that are the same as the course codes. Workaround: Remove the cohort codes.
Holding Tank 58500 Deleting course offerings and course templates in Learning Environment are not reflected in the Holding Tank, which can cause errors to occur until the data cached in the Holding Tank database is cleared.
Holding Tank 58503 The Holding Tank does not permit non-ASCII characters for user information (e.g. given name, family name, etc.). This is not a change from previous Holding Tank versions, but it no longer aligns with changes made to the Users tool in Learning Environment, which now allows Unicode for user information.
Homepages 38294 If an active homepage is set as a tool that is deactivated, navigating to the homepage causes a Not Authorized error.
Homepages 39329 Thumbnail images for shared custom widgets that use animated gif's only display at the organization level.
Homepages 42350 If you share an org level widget that contains QuickLinks with other org units, the links are broken in the child org units.
Homepages 50842 The unread messages count uses your org role to check for unread messages at the course level. If course discussion messages are restricted by group/section (and you are not enrolled in all groups/sections) your results will be inaccurate.
HTML Editor 32388 If a file is originally encoded as Western European, when you import it and save it using the HTML Editor, it changes the file to UTF-8 and this causes some characters to display incorrectly in Firefox 1.5 or 2.0.
HTML Editor 45490 If you insert a course file that is buried in several levels of files, the HTML Editor does not read the file path correctly and produces an error.
HTML Editor 47785 The HTML Editor does not interpret MS characters correctly. It replaces them with squares.
HTML Editor 57801 When you select the LaTeX format in the Equation Editor and use the new line symbol \\, the editor does not render it correctly. Workaround: Use the $ symbol instead.
HTML Editor 60694 For users on a Mac who access the Equation Editor with Firefox version 3.5, the menus that open from icons in the toolbar appear empty. Workaround: This issue does not occur for users who access the Equation Editor through Safari 4.
HTML Editor 64612 In Internet Explorer, if you delete a character in the middle of a word and perform a spell check, the HTML editor treats the word as two words.
HTML Editor 68239 Some LaTeX commands and graphic equations cannot be loaded in the Chrome browser, such as "\left" and "\right" commands. They are in our supported commands list but the equation is blank if it contains these commands.
Intelligent Agents 52311 If an Agent is scheduled to run daily/weekly/monthly/yearly at the value set in d2l.Tools.IntelligentAgents.PreferredRunHour and an exception is caught and thrown for whatever reason, the nextRunDate is never set and the service continues to send emails for the next hour.
Learning Repository 9210 Publishing files with names containing "#" and "%" characters to Learning Repository will not be successfully published. Users cannot view these objects after publishing.
Learning Repository 38487 If you create a course file using the HTML Editor that contains a QuickLink to an external learning object, the action is not stored in the event log for the object.
Learning Repository 62633 File system limits the number of learning objects that can be stored to 65,533.
Learning Repository 63792 Learning Repository metadata search does not support searching the Technical.Format or Annotation.Entity fields.
Learning Repository 65769 Images embedded in quiz questions are not included in the Learning Object when a quiz is published to the Learning Repository.
Learning Repository 67487 If a repository name contains 14 or more characters with no space separating any of the characters, searches using IE 7 will fail to load the results.
Learning Repository 68048 Partial term searches do not return results for the full term. For example, searching for "ents" will not find an item with the title "Parents".
LiveRoom 26347 If you don't specify a directory to upload the file to when creating new file resource you get an error message saying you don't have permission to upload, the error message should instruct you to highlight the folder you want to add the file to before uploading. Workaround: Highlight the folder you want to add the file to before uploading the resource.
LiveRoom 40535 You cannot create a QuickLink Resource in a personal LiveRoom. Previously reported as issue 40562.
LiveRoom 40791 The Member Summary page does not display member information for Chat and canvas general rooms.
LiveRoom 40798 When a moderator updates the Browse Type for a session it is not always reflected in participant or guest views.
LiveRoom 50277 Mac OS X users with OS version 10.4 won't be able to use LiveRoom if they upgrade their Java runtime version to 1.5.0_16, due to a bug with Java. Workaround: Site administrators should contact Desire2Learn Support to help users resolve this issue due to the complexity of the workaround.
Locker 54896 A 500 error occurs when creating or moving a subfolder when the parent folder was deleted from another browser window.
Metadata 48677 If users edit a topic's metadata to add new records to the taxon path and later switch views and add taxon paths again and publish the topic to an LOR it can change the arrangement of the metadata items with different schemas.
Metadata 51979 When you have set Canadian French as the default language for the system, and edit an object's metadata, the drop-down menus in the Langue column still contain English values.
Metadata 52243 When users clear metadata for an object, language drop-down menus for fields that had data become locked in the language they were set for when the users cleared the data.
Navigation 61194 Custom links pointing to external URLs can open without a navbar if the target web site purposely removes frames for security reasons.
News 43310 JavaScript doesn't work in News postings using the HTML Editor. The posting shows the code instead. Workaround: Create a custom widget and place the JavaScript in that widget, or save the JavaScript in Notepad and import the file to the Learning Environment.
Personal Profile 55034 As of Learning Environment 8.4.0, the Personal Profile tool crops images so they are square rather than resizing them.
Personal Profile 57922 If you don't include the Picture form element on the User Profile form element in the DOME, then users receive an error when they attempt to save their profile.
Picture Library 55038 As of Learning Environment 8.4.0, the Picture Library crops images so they are square rather than resizing them.
Platform 38906 Text areas in presentations do not always resize properly when you use your browser's zoom functionality.
Platform 43398 Inline help pop-ups do not have title attributes.
Platform 44162 During publication of a learning object, if users preview an HTML file in Internet Explorer, the preview does not open a new window or tab, but opens in the same window and users cannot go back to the previous page.
Platform 44886 If the organization's courses (and course templates) are descendents of the Org and not under Departments, you will not be able to see any data in User Progress for users who are enrolled in these courses.
Platform 47148 If a file has an invalid character in the file extension (for example "file.?jpg), attempting to access the file causes a 500 error.
Platform 48691 If a user who does not have permission to create private tags tries to add a private tag to a portfolio item they do not receive any feedback explaining why their tag was not added.
Platform 49675 If you try and add hundreds of org units to a form at the same time, you get a "Warning: unresponsive script" error.
Platform 54921 Changing the number of search results displayed using the per page drop-down causes an immediate screen refresh, which is an issue for users accessing Learning Environment with assistive technology.
Platform 62170 There is a potential client-browser performance problem when you view large numbers of items in tools that use on-demand loading of items based on scrolling, such as Manage Files and Manage Dates. The severity of the problem and the number of objects at which it occurs depends on the browser and its ability to process JavaScript efficiently.
Platform 65358 In version 3.1 of the iPhone/iPod Touch operating system, when you view the tools menu drop-down, or the course selection drop-down, any HTML 5 videos currently playing in the window appear in front of the menu. Workaround: Updating to iOS version 4 or later fixes this issue.
Platform 71394 In the Desire2Learn Mobile Web view of the system, if the course search returns more than one page of results, the "load more" link loads all the courses.
Preferences 49765 The Pager tool shows users as online when they have their preferences set to "Always appear offline."
Question Library 53463 If you create a significant figures (x10) question to square ({r}^2) a number with a very large exponent, it does not calculate the correct answer. Workaround: Change the question to multiply the number by itself ({r}*{r}), which calculates the correct answer.
Quizzes 43210 Using regular expressions in short answer and multiple-short answer questions and clicking Check Answers can sometimes cause the error "Wrong format for a regular expression" even though the format is correct.
Quizzes 46704 Checklist release conditions are not verified for quizzes that are shared from the org level. Users that appear to satisfy the release conditions will still not be able to see the quiz until all Checklist conditions are removed.
Quizzes 46961 If you export quiz grades, the report includes attempts from all users, even if they are in sections or groups that you don't have access to.
Quizzes 49670 If the setting "Allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion" is enabled, some quiz attempts are not auto-graded if a user completes and submits a quiz attempt and then immediately closes their browser or navigates to a new page. The occurrence of this is inconsistent and largely depends on the connection speed of the user and how fast they navigate or close down their browser after submitting a quiz.
Quizzes 50716 Images in the answer fields for quizzes that are shared from a parent org unit do not display.
Quizzes 52643 If a quiz has no submission view any new views that you add are all treated as a default view.
Quizzes 52854 If users access the Question Library and have the View actions in Popup checkbox selected for Display Options then when they click Preview and Go Back there are additional buttons available on the Edit Question popup. These are Save and Copy and Save and New. This might cause confusion for some users but does not produce an error.
Quizzes 52933 If you grade a quiz and the points awarded to the user contains decimals, it can cause the Final Score to contain decimals (e.g., 169.98/220). If you recalculate the final score the system adds 12 extra decimal places (e.g., 169.9800000000002/220). If you Save before removing the extra decimals, you receive the following error message, "Final Score cannot have more than 6 characters."
Quizzes 54442 If you export grades from the Quizzes tool, the export CSV file contains grades for all users in the org unit regardless of any view filters.
Quizzes 56008 If you try to generate a CSV report file from a quiz and users that attempted the quiz had a NULL orgdefinedid, then you receive an error and the CSV is not generated.
Quizzes 57800 When users who were auto-enrolled into sections view the quiz statistics for a quiz, the system does not display any attempt results.
Quizzes 57991 Multiple short answer questions that use the same answer for multiple fields are graded incorrectly. The first response is marked correctly, but subsequent responses in the same question are marked incorrect with the message "This answer was used in another blank". Workaround: Use Fill in the Blank questions where the order of unique responses is important.
Quizzes 59583 If users without permission to see the Grades tool modify a quiz associated with a grade item, that grade item association breaks when they save the modified quiz. Workaround: Add the permission See the grades tool.
Quizzes 61097 When Respondus Lockdown Browser is used for a quiz, the session timeout reminder pop-up is blocked and not displayed to the user. If a user stays on the same page of a quiz without saving for a period longer than the session timeout, their session will expire and they will no longer be able to save their responses or complete their submission. Workaround: Quiz authors can display questions across multiple pages, forcing users to save questions and navigate between pages to keep their session alive. Users who regularly save their responses as recommended are not impacted as saving responses keeps the session active.
Release Conditions 39717 Release conditions are not reevaluated when a condition status changes. For example, if a Content topic has a release condition based on enrollment in an org unit, users who meet the enrollment requirement at any time can see the topic regardless of their current enrollment.
Reporting 54542 If your Desire2Learn instance has two or more organizations on it, and two or more organizations create a report category with the same name, the category only appears in the Category drop-down in the first organization to create the category.
Reporting 56615 When you run a report to check login data, users are duplicated many times in the report.
SCORM 31777 If a user clicks a topic in the content map, or Choose an Activity pop-up in a SCORM-2004 course that allows users to move forward only through topics then that user receives an error.
SCORM 31945 For SCORM-2004 packages, the Choose an Activity pop-up might display topics from the parent module that it shouldn’t.
SCORM 32887 Some outstanding issues with SCORM compliance.
SCORM 33310 Some outstanding issues with SCORM compliance.
SCORM 33328 Some outstanding issues with SCORM compliance.
SCORM 41436 If you import a SCORM course package, go to Content, click View Content, preview a SCO topic, and then click a module name in the Content map, a 500 error occurs.
SCORM 41463 If you import a SCORM course package, go to Content, click View Content, preview a SCO topic, and then click a module name in the Content map, a 500 error occurs.
Self Registration 39909 Attempting to import a user in Self Registration causes an error. Workaround: you can import the file through the Classlist tool instead.
Self Registration 44645 If a user fills out a registration form that has custom fields, and you then remove any of the custom fields and generate a report, the text that was inputted by the user is gone and replaced by a numerical value.
Self Registration 46238 If the option Approve Enrollments is off but the DOME variable HasCBERegistration is enabled, then users that self-register are not auto-approved.
Self Registration 47260 Creating a user in Self Registration is inconsistent with the process of creating a user in User Management.
Self Registration 47293 While adding prerequisites or adding excluded enrollments on the Registration Restrictions page, doing a blank search causes a 500 error.
Survey 46449 Editing a multi-select question that is part of an active survey alters the attempts statistics for the question.
Survey 49624 If you import a survey that has a Likert question, any HTML in the question is not recognized and the tags appear in the text.
User Management 11754 Users with permission to delete discussion messages can still delete them when they use the role switch feature to a role that does not have the permission.
User Management 20515 Attempting to create a cascading role in an org unit with many child org units can cause a time out error.
User Management 46038 When you unenroll users from a course, those users are not removed from any groups or sections that are children of that course. Workaround: Unenroll users manually from the groups and sections.
User Management 49048 With Internet Explorer 7, if you use the role switch widget in a course that hasn't started yet, the permissions for the role you are switching to are not properly enforced and some views display according to your own role's permissions.
User Management 55115 If you view a content topic in a new window while using the Role Switch functionality, your role reverts back to your original role.
User Progress 37753 If you access a Content topic from User Progress, the statistics are not updated in the Content Summary and Content Details sections.
User Progress 45716 If a user completes a Checklist item before the due date, the Checklist Summary still counts the item as overdue when the due date passes. If an item is completed it should not be counted as overdue.
User Progress 48601 If you view User Progress in one course and then enter a different course and click the "View my progress" link in the My Settings widget, the User Progress page for the previous course displays instead of the active course.
User Progress 50094 If users have permission to see user progress for all courses, then they can view their progress in courses that they are enrolled in but haven't started yet.
User Progress 50248 Users attempting to view Grades progress receive 500 errors if the associated grade item is in a category that has "Display class average to users" disabled, is part of a weighted grading system, and "Points grade" is the only selection in the submission view display options.
User Progress 61085 The User Progress summary table for Content does not include activity for content topics that are no longer visible to the user.