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Dr. Maria Pilar Alonso AbadDr. María Pilar Alonso Abad, professor of Art History in the Department of Humanities and Communications at the Universidad de Burgos, Spain, is presenting the release of her new book, "Las Vidrieras de la Catedral de Burgos," on Oct. 24. This is the first in-depth study of the stained glass in the cathedral, which has been named a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Monday, Oct. 24
4 p.m.
2028 Brown Hall


 Dr. Hedy Habra placed as a finalist in the International Book Awards for her collection of poems, Under Brushstrokes, published by Press 53.

Robert VannProfessor studies Catalan and its influence on language and society

In 1995, Spanish linguistics professor Dr. Robert Vann traveled to Barcelona, Spain, and studied language ideologies and language use in the first generation of young people in two and a half centuries to grow up with Catalan as a primary language of elementary, secondary school and university instruction. This coming January, Dr. Vann will return to Barcelona to conduct follow-up sociolinguistic research with the same people, just as a growing Catalan independence movement is poised to boil over.