Happy Passover!

Erica, the Sig Ep boys, and me before the seder!

Erica, the Sig Ep boys, and me before the seder!

Hey Broncos!

Happy Passover! Last night Hillel had a Passover Seder to celebrate the first night of Passover. For anyone who doesn’t know, Passover is a Jewish holy day and festival commemorating the Hebrews’ escape from enslavement in Egypt. On Passover, many Jews do not eat leavened bread (aka anything that rises like bread or anything that has an ingredient that can rise). On the first two nights of Passover we celebrate by having a Passover Seder, which is just a fancy way of saying dinner and some prayers and a service.

Our Seder was at Sigma Phi Epsilon, a social fraternity near campus. The event was a huge success! We know of several Jewish students who went home for the Seder, but we still had almost 70 students. About 15 were from the fraternity and an estimated 10 came with Jewish friends, but about 50 Jewish students attended, which was more than we were expecting!

We catered in a kosher Passover meal from the Kalamazoo Chabbad house. Everyone liked the food and the non-Jewish students really seemed to like experiencing a Seder. Everybody loved the food and one of the boys from the fraternity found the afikoman (a piece of mitzvah that we hide for fun).

There were a lot of Jewish students of every age who said this was their first Hillel event. I always get really excited when students come for the first time. The school newspaper, the Western Herald, covered the story, so I am excited to see it in the newspaper this week!

Tonight, I am going to a second Seder at one of our board members houses. Two board members, Anna and Jamie led the Seder last night so they are going to lead one at Anna’s tonight. There is also a local seder open to students at a Rabbi’s house It’s great knowing that I can be over two hours away from home but still have many options for celebrating Passover. Happy Passover everyone!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Bronco,


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