April showers bring May flowers, and FINALLY, the Miller Fountains are back :-)

My sorority sisters and me in front of the Miller Fountains!

My sorority sisters and me in front of the Miller Fountains!

Hey Broncos!

It’s a beautiful day in Kalamazoo! My favorite part of spring semester is when the Miller Fountain is turned back on. Last week the fountain was turned back on, and since then, campus has been a little more beautiful.

This is a big week for Hillel and I am keeping busy! This Thursday is what will probably be our biggest event of the year, Buster’s Bar Mitzvah.  We got the idea from Michigan State University’s Hilllel because of their annual Sparty’s Bar Mitzvah. A Bar Mitzvah is a service followed by a party to symbolize the transition from childhood to adulthood. Buster Bronco is our school mascot so we are having a mock Bar Mitzvah party for him. This is especially exciting because we received funding from a grant as well as the Student Assessment Fund. As Hillel grows more and more, more doors seem to be constantly opened for us. We are expecting close to 100 students at this event. We will have dinner, dancing, games, and music. I can’t wait!

On Friday before our weekly e-board meetings, a few girls from the board and I are going to be meeting with a future student. She is coming al the way from Virginia for a tour and will be a freshman here in the fall. She contacted us about Hillel and we are very excited to meet her. Several other incoming freshman contacted me this week about Hillel so we are getting excited about all the new students for the fall!

After that, some of us from the board will be going to the Golden Bronco Awards ceremony to see if Hillel won any awards this year. There’s lots more to come, I’ll update again soon!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Bronco,


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