Goodbye sophomore year! (Buster’s Bar Mitzvah)

Hillel members doing the horah with Buster Bronco!

Hillel members doing the horah with Buster Bronco!

Hey Broncos! Buster’s Bar Mitzvah was a huge success. Even though it was on a school night, over 60 students attended. One student was our DJ and did a great job. The program was opened by my executive board members explaining what a Bar Mitzvah is, and was followed by dinner, dancing, prizes, and games. The Bar Mitzvah was so much fun!

Recently, I appointed a new executive board. There was a lot of interest in the board, so I expanded the board from seven positions to eleven! We added campus relations chair, public relations chair, Israeli relations chair, and intramural sports chair. Three of the ten students I selected are new to the organization, and I am really excited about that.

The next day, Hillel attended the Golden Bronco Awards through Student Activities and Leadership Programs. I was nominated for Student Leader of the Year, and Hillel won Best Website of the year!

To wrap up the school year, we had a Shabbat dinner near the Valley ponds at the gazebo. I introduced the new executive board and we served Shawarma King. We had a great turn out! We sold our brand new v-neck and crew neck tee shirts that our website chair, Anna designed. They are light blue with white writing and say “Nice Jewish Bronco”. The back has our logo, also designed by Anna, and says “Ask me about WMU Hillel!”

Lastly, Hillel just found out that students can take Hebrew at Kalamazoo College a guest students beginning this fall. My board members and myself are super excited about that! I am really proud of my board and how successful this year was. We expanded our organization, increased frequency and variety of programming, and gained many new members. I anticipate a great summer and fall for Hillel!

Here is a link to Hillel’s website. Make suare you click on “What is Hillel” >> “Membership” to learn about getting involved with Hillel in the fall!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Bronco,


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