Summer in Kalamazoooo!

My sorority sisters and I at the Kalamazoo Arthritus Walk downtown!

My sorority sisters and I at the Kalamazoo Arthritus Walk downtown!

Hey Broncos!

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I have been crazy busy with Hillel stuff, summer classes, and work. My absolute favorite thing to do during the summer is to live in Kalamazoo. Campus is beautttifull during the summer. Fortunately, my sorority house is open for the summer so we all have a place to live. My favorite thing to do when I’m not busy is to go to our old East Campus during the day or night. It’s beautiful and historic and I love the atmosphere.

When I’m not at work, class, or East Campus, I’ve been pretty busy with Hillel stuff. Between working on funding, a fall calendar, and getting ready for Bronco Bash, there is so much to do. I am so excited for Involvement Zone, which falls every night of orientation. Incoming freshman have the opportunity to stop by tables of many Registered Student Organizations on campus, and Hillel always has a booth. My whole board is very excited to meet new students!

We’re hoping that by the time fall starts, all incoming Jewish freshman will have joined our freshman Facebook group:!/group.php?gid=114104531955743&ref=ts

WMU placed a huge advertisement in the Detroit Jewish News for Hillel and our new Hebrew program on one of the first few pages, which I’m in, so that was really exciting! If you have a copy of the Jewish News, go to page seven to see it :)

Most of my e-board and a lot of my friends are on Birthright in Israel right now. They left four days ago so should be back in about a week. I really wanted to go on a free Birthright trip to Israel but I don’t qualify because I’ve already been on there. My board has been telling me that they are having a lot of fun with everyone else from WMU!

Recently, some my sorority sisters and I walked in the Kalamazoo Arthritis Walk. It was really cool that the walk was in Kalamazoo because our sorority’s nation-wide philanthropy cause is juvenile arthritis. I included a picture above. Yesterday, we went to South Haven, the closest beach to Kalamazoo. It was my first time going, and a lot of fun. The weather is great this week!

Enjoy your summer and see YOU at Involvement Zone!

It’s a GRREATTT day to be a Bronco,


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