Is it really almost August?!


My WMU tabletop display!

My WMU tabletop display!

Hey Broncos! I hope everyone’s enjoying the beautiful weather!

Summer is going by so quickly. It seems like just yesterday I went up north for the fourth of July, and now it is almost August. I have been giving a lot of tours and working on differet Hillel projects, which has been fun and keeping me busy.

My class this semester is keeping me very busy, since there are so many projects. I am taking Visual Merchandising for my fashion merchandising minor. The class is really cool because we are learning how to make displays of various concepts. For our “intro to self” display, I did a table-top display of my past, present, and future in relation to WMU. For a group “pinning display”, my partner and I made a board look like a WMU football field during a game. We also decorated the inside of a display window and made it look like fashion from the 80s. I love the class and it’s such a great creative outlet since we get to pick our own themes and designs. I included a picture of my table-top display above!

This weekend my family is visiting me. My little sister has never seen my sorority house so I am excited for her to stay overnight. I am going to show my family campus, downtown, the Hillel office, and introduce them to some of my friends. My family has only been to Kalamazoo a handful of times, so they keep saying they’re going to Kalamazoo for a “mini vacation”. I’m excited for them to visit my favorite place in the world :)

I’m off to meet a friend to go for a walk on campus! Enjoy the sunshine & lather on the sunscreen!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Bronco,


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