Summer is ending?!


Hey broncos! Hope everyone enjoying their last few weeks of summer. Its crazy to think summer’s gone by so fast. So man exciting things are happening at once. I recently went on a WSA eboard retreat at Sherman Lake YMCA Camp in Augusta, which is one of my favorite places. Then, my visual merchandising class ended and I was thrilllllled to find out I earned an A. I recently planned a fundraiser for my sorority and was appointed fundraising chair all in the same day! Lastly, I finally got to go home for a few days which was nice! I love being able to relax and see my family.

Now that I’m back in Kalamazoo I’ll be pretty busy until school starts. I have a week-long training for my FYS class and Fall Welcome followed by Fall Welcome! I am excited for Hillel’s upcoming programs too. We are having a back-to-school/Rosh Hashannah mixer followed by a table at Bronco Bash followed by a freshman coffee mixer, and than a breakfast event for Yom Kipor. I am so excited to meet our new members!

I’m off to bed, tomorrow I have to finish moving into my new room in my sorority and start Fall Welcome training. See everyone at Fall Welcome next week :)

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