First Week of School!

My Fall Welcome students and I in front of the Miller Fountains

My Fall Welcome students and I in front of the Miller Fountains

Hey everyone! Last week was the first week of school, which was exciting because we started new classes and student organizations began meeting again. My classes are great so far, I am taking two communication classes, a non-profit leadership class, an art class, and in a few weeks I start Hebrew. I am thrilled that WMU is giving me the opportunity to learn Hebrew. I am especially excited to be co-teaching a First Year Seminar class. Along with a WMU faculty member, I am leading a class of about 25 first-year students throughout their first semester at Western.

My class is great and very enthusiastic. The students in my class were in my Fall Welcome group when I was a Fall Welcome leader this past welcome. Fall Welcome was a blast! I had a group of leadership-oriented students who were extremely motivated to get to know campus during the week. In addition to other Fall Welcome activities, my students and I spent time at East Campus, and went out to breakfast one morning. They were a great group!

During Fall Welcome, I ran two Hillel Interest Sessions for any first-year students. In total, ten students came to the sessions. During Fall Welcome, Hillel gained more and more members each day. Some of my FYS students are joining Hillel as well!
I am really excited for this school year. It just feels so great to be back in school. Enjoy your second week of school everyone!

It’s a great day to be a Bronco,

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