L’shana Tova from WMU Hillel


Hey Broncos!

I hope everyone had a good Rosh Hashannah! Hillel did a dinner program and had a great turn-out. We thought it would be smaller since a lot of students went home, but almost 50 students showed up. 15 of them were new members, which is always exciting for us. We did prayers and served dinner and wrote our New Year’s resolutions on a long banner. Everyone had a lot of fun and services were really nice- crazy, but this was our most successful Rosh Hashannah ever!!! :D

Later in the week we had Bronco Bash. Bronco Bash was great, and we found 25 Jewish students who never knew how to join Hillel. We are thrilled to have new members and are planning lots of new programs. We are recruiting members for our new intramural floor hockey team, which will be really cool to have on campus. We took some fun pictures with Buster Bronco and us holding a sign that said “L’shana Tova from WMU Hillel”.

Last night we had our first FYSH (First Year Students of Hillel/Freshman) mixer. It was supposed to be at Mugshots in the Valleys, but there was a last-minute technical difficulty, so we switched it to Bigby’s at the last minute. It was great meeting 16 of our new members! Some of the freshmen are helping me plan a dinner for Breaking the Fast for Yom Kippur this weekend. It’s awesome that so many new students are stepping up.

My classes are still going well and I like them a lot. My non-profit leadership class seems a bit hard but I get to start Hebrew this Monday. I am taking Intro to Organizational Communication to help me decide if I want to be an organizational communication major or a journalism major. The class is great so far, and I really like my group in my Group Problem Solving communication class. I have my first paper due next week thought—it snuck up on me pretty fast!

I am excited for this afternoon because we have our first WSA meeting of the year and I am Student Affairs Chair this year. I am excited to see how many students come today. I always open WSA meetings by leading the fight song, and it’s my favorite part of every week :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their second week of school!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Bronco,

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