Home Sweet Home!


Thanksgiving Break went by almost as quickly as this semester has! It feels like I got home just yesterday. I really miss being at Western but its nice to be able to relax and be at home. It was nice seeing all of my family for Thanksgiving and to hear how everyone has been doing.My family is pet sitting a dog named Shana Punum (Yiddish for cutie pie) all week so that has probably been the most exciting of it all :)

I have been keeping pretty busy with homework and laundry. One of my professors canceled our assignment so we could have a break. What a nice holiday gift :). I also saw my group of my best friends from summer camp. We go to six different colleges so it’s always nice to hear everyone’s stories. My friends are all on the executive boards of the Hillels at their schools so its intresting to compare ours to them and hear their ideas.

I am excited to go back to school tomorrow, I actually miss my classes and my 30 roommates. I have a tour this week so that’s something to look forward to.

Have a great rest of Thankgiving, Broncos!

It’s a great day to be a Bronco,

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