Wednesday, February 23rd


Hi again!

Holy Snowman. I never listened to my pa when he said not to lock an ice-scraper in the car. Now I know why. I used a can of Mushroom soup to shatter the ice and then beat it off my car. It’s been crazy weather this week, folks!

As for Black Comedy, we’re now in Week 2 of Rehearsals. It’s going very well; we’ve officially completed our read-throughs and are blocking now. During the first rehearsal, Mark (the Director) blind-folded all of us and had us wander the space “in character” to give us the real experience of being in utter darkness.  It was crazy fun– and sometimes embarrassing when you run straight into a castmate or fall over them. Good thing there were mats everywhere.

We had auditions for Directing Scenes from 10 pm until midnight on Monday. It’s a pretty chill audition; you’re trying out for scenes that the Directing Students will put on for their final exam late this spring. An audition in front of your peers…nothing to fear at all, right?! :D But no, it was lots of fun. The Theatre Dept has such fun people.

As for my other classes, I had a speech in Public Speaking class that I do believe I officially rocked, and I had a great workshop hour with my Advanced Fiction class where they critiqued my piece. It was really helpful. Even though the class is super tough (about 12 pages due each Tuesday!),  I really am enjoying it.
So even though life is going marvelously, I do have to admit– I’m totes ready for Spring Break.

Get this. In four days, I will be on the highway with my honey…with only 1229 miles…on my way to see my dear old Grammy…annnnnnd….


As you can see, I’m killer excited. And who wouldn’t be? :D

Mucho amore,


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