April 20th — Brush-Up Night


Hey guys!

Sorry the entries tapered off. Opening week was hectic and wonderful! We’ve been getting great response from the audience; it’s a fun show and folks seem to be enjoying it. :)

We played Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun. It was crazy– plus, we have our Shakespeare partner scenes in Acting class so that’s been a little added stress. It’s tons of fun though. I used to hate the idea of having to deal with Shakespeare, but after learning about it with Jim and Elizabeth, I’ve come to love it. My scene is Hotspur and Lady Percy from Henry IV, Part 1. It’s been great, but really challenging for me. We have our final performance for Jim next Monday.

So tonight is Brush-Up– basically just another dress rehearsal to get our feet wet again before we surge back into Performances. Also, a photographer is coming. Don’t know if it’s to take our photo for the production walls of the Gilmore Complex, or if it’s for promotional photos for the webby. Regardless, gotta make sure my lippin’stick isn’t smudged. ;) I look forward to it– this cast has been so phenomenal. I’m gonna miss everyone when it’s over.

Hopefully tonight will go smoothly– we’ve had a nice two day-break, so I think it’ll be good and refreshed.

Can’t wait to get my wig back on. :))) I’ll say Adieu for now, but I’ll try to post tonight or tomorrow with pictures.


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