April 28th — Last Day of Semester


Hello everyone!

So the show has ended. I’m already in withdraw…it is easily the most fun play I’ve ever been involved with. We had a wonderful run….huge laughs and good turnout. Strike took forever (til almost 4 the morning!), but it was well worth it. This was an amazing experience.

Black Comedy Cast Backstage

Our lovely Black Comedy cast, backstage. <3 (minus Tom/Eric)

Just the Black Com Girls!
Just the Black Com girls in the dressing room.

With garrylee.
The Black Comedy girls (Sara, Andi, Leia) with Inspector Hound’s Kenzi and Nathan…all pictured with wigmaster Garrylee McCorrmick.

Just the Black Com girls (Leia, Andi, Sara) with wigmaster Garrylee.

An amazing experience. :)

Now, it’s the end of the year. Turned in my Acting Portfolio on Monday and did my final Shakespeare performance; on Tuesday I turned in my Voice & Movement monologue, gave my final speech for Communications, and turned in my 50-page Creative Writing Portfolio. Now I am hooome freeeee, and it feels awesome. :D

Can’t wait for next week, though. Most of it, I get a break, but on Thursday I begin my stint as International Summer Orientation Leader. It’s only two days, but ISORP is one of my favorite programs. I’m going to serve for the final time as Leader on May 5th, and then I begin my job as Coordinator for the International Orientation/Registration after that! SOOO EXCITED!

But for now, I bid ye adieu!

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