Monday, April 11th– Three Nights Until Opening


Had our first dress rehearsal last night and it went really well, I think. Our entire cast was so open to new choices and had so much fun. We really were playing the whole time, which, as our professors tell us all the time, is the entire point of “a play.” It was great to finally be super comfortable in the space and be able to explore freely.

We had our costumes, too. I was afraid a couple of times if I was being too rough on my poor little pink dress….but I think it’ll survive. ;) Now, tonight, we get wigs! It’ll be so exciting, I’ve never had a professional wig master set my hair. I’ll blog about it after, no worries.
Black Comedy/Real Inspector Hound at WMU

Also a fun bit from this weekend– had our Spotlight weekend for High School Juniors. Way fun, as always. Then, on Sunday morning, I volunteered at a Canine Safe Center and walked dogs! It was for a class, but crazy enough, as soon as I got there, I saw some friends from Movement class. I had no idea they volunteered there– small world. Anyway, my favorite dog was a little Scottie named Todd. He was so cute, one of the oldest ones there so he preferred just a light jaunt to the end of the drive and back….very distinguished little guy.


If you want to see what dogs are up for adoption, click here!

Did homework on the balcony with my roommates (well, tried to do homework). Our crystal string-lights looked so gorgeous hung on the walls everywhere, and it was so warm and beautiful out. The weeks are rounding up. Can’t wait for them summer days.

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