Where did the semester go!?


It has been a crazy semester! I just formally ended my Hillel presidency, and began my WSA presidency. It is crazy to think that I was elected as student- body president. So many fun things have happened since I started my term. I was introduced at a Faculty Senate meeting, and gave a speech at a WMU Board of Trustees meeting. I have met with several university administrators as well. These opportunities are very cool, and I am loving every minute!

This week is Passover, a Jewish holiday. Hillel had our seder at Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity for a second year in a row. It’s amazing that other student groups are so receptive of Hillel and so willing to open their arms to us. About 40 students attended our seder and a couple of administrators and community members attended as well. I think it’s amazing that the administration is so supportive of Hillel!

The semester is coming to an end pretty quickly. I only have three finals so that’s something to be excited about. I am actually excited to start my summer classes. I am taking a class through the Social Work school where I get to volunteer to with members of the community. I have heard that the class is very hands on and teaches students a lot. I am excited to learn more about Kalamazoo and work with Kalamazoo residents. And of course, give tours over the summer :)

The best part of the end of the semester is the Miller Fountains are up and running again. The Miller Fountains are definitely, hands down, the best part of campus. I don’t think there is anyone who would disagree with me on this one. There were definitely lots of smiles on campus the day the fountains went back up :).

Well I am off to study for my final exams, they start in six days. Good luck with finals, Broncos!

It’s a GREAT day to be a bronco,

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