Tuesday, May 31st


Hello everyone!

Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that I will continue blogging this summer. I’m very excited to be one of the three Student Coordinators for the International Student Orientation and Registration Program (aka ISORP)!

I’ve done ISORP now for 2 years, and have participated in 4 of them as a Leader. This is my first time being a Coordinator. While I anticipate a lot of challenges in trying to organize such a HUGE event, I think it’ll be amazing. We are expecting somewhere near 700 students this year (last I heard), which will be one of our biggest Orientations yet!

Officially, I’m the Activities and Programs Coordinator, so basically I get to plan all of the fun stuff. My co-coordinators, Edwin and Alea, are great people to work with, so I know we’ll all have each others’ backs throughout this whole planning process.

Just got back from Memorial Day weekend– visited my boyfriend’s families up north, and got back just in time to miss the torrential, cataclysmic storm we had on Sunday night. A friend of mine left her door cracked just an inch and ended up getting her entire carpet soaked! It was pretty nasty.

Here’s some photos of previous ISORPS (09 and 10) to preview some of the inevitable fun!

Some countries represented: Dominican Republic, India, Dubai, Germany, Afghanistan, America, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, Pakistan, Kenya, Mexico, Japan, Nigeria, China, etc.

ISORP Leaders 2010
(Dominican Republic, Mexico, USA, USA, Norway, USA, USA, India)

Trip to Saugatuck with half of the group. :)

Some of Sara’s ISORP Group 2011 (At the Beach)

Ida (Norway) and Sara (USA) ice-skating

Some ISORP Friends from 2009

Gotta go, but hope everyone is doing well. :)


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