Busy Bee: Summer Edition


Hey Broncos!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and the warm weather.
I am having the busiest summer of my life. I knew being Student Body President would be busy, but no one tells you just how busy you will be! I spent lots of time each day doing different tasks for WSA Student Government, and I am loving every minute of it. I get to do so many cool things, from recruiting for WSA at new student Orientation, to meeting with different administrators and department heads, to attending state-wide student government conferences on the weekends.

Last week I gave a speech to WMU’s Board of Trustees. I was so nervous but I think it went well. I then went with the Board to the Lee Honors College ground breaking. As you can see, summer is a very exciting time to be WSA President.

At night, I go to Involvement Zone for Orientation. Over 100 students have expressed interest in WSA. Several of them were involved in student government in high school, so I am excited to see them jump right into to WSA.

This weekend, I am going to a state-wide conference for Student Government Presidents. I am excited to learn more about other universities.
I hope everyone has a good weekend and remembers to wear sun screen!

It’s a great day to be a Bronco,


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