State-wide Presidential Summit


I spent last week in Lansing, MI with student government leaders from across the state for a state-wide President’s Summit. It was through the Student Association of Michigan, which WMU’s student government, WSA, is a part of. The entire weekend was very cool, and I learned a lot. I was definitely surprised to be the only female at the conference! I hear there are a couple of other female student body presidents in Michigan but I was the one there so that was a very unique experience.

The conference started with presentations from different leaders presenting to us about higher education including an administrator from WMU. We spent the day talking about ways to make our student governments, universities, and the entire state better. It was awesome to network with other student body presidents to learn about what their schools were doing.

We took a picture of our whole group in front of the state capital (coming soon). I am excited to spend the year working with other students in Michigan on state-wide initiatives and to fight for higher education funding. This is such a unique opportunity that I never thought I would have.

Now that I am back from SAM, I am busy recruiting for WSA at freshman Orientation and giving campus tours. Summer is busy busy busy!

I hope everyone stays dry from the rain and wears sunscreen in the sun :)

It’s a great day to be a Bronco,

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