Wednesday, June 22nd


Hey all!

So I’m sitting here, chowing down on some Oatmeal and hoping it doesn’t rain. Been busy at the International Program Office, planning awesome activities for our newly arrived Global Broncos. :) It’s amazing to see how intricately these programs are planned…not only are we absorbing CELCIS (our basic English-language program that some International students are required to enroll in), but our large ISORP group will also be collaborating with Fall Welcome for an opportunity to integrate with American students. It’s kind of crazy, running between these two other programs, but it’ll be so worth it. We’re going to try something new this year with Fall Welcome by making a buddy-system with us…10 of our leaders with 10 of the Fall Welcome leader will train together to, hopefully, form better friendships. :)

I’m so excited! Gotta get back to work right now, but I’ll check in sometime soon. :) Hope you’re all well!


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