September 6th, 2011– First Day of School!


Greetings, everybody!

First day of classes! Can’t believe my fourth year at WMU has started….just two Theatre classes today. Tomorrow, I’ll have Directing class, Intercultural Communication, and American Literature. I look forward to this brand new year! So far, I think I’ll be able to keep my sanity this semester. :)

ISORP has come to an end! Seems like last week I was blogging about it beginning…and now, it’s all done! It was a lot of hard work and definitely had its periods of stress, but we had a successful and HUGE orientation (bigger than at least the last four years, I was told)! 367 new International Students checked in on Monday of last week, including 57 new English-learning students from CELCIS. Our night activities went really well and we had a team of 12 fantastic leaders from the USA, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Pakistan, China, Saudi Arabia, the Phillipines, Kenya, and Norway. Overall, I think it was a job well done, and so much fun. :)

Some fun highlights from the week…we had a pool party sponsored by Campus Habitat, and my dear partner-in-crime and coordinator Edwin tossed me into the pool, heedless of my screams. ;)

Then he went after a few unfortunate others. We, luckily, got him back in the end….with the help of some of strong International guys who wrestled him in. :)

We also had an ice-skating night…here are some friends skating, some for the first time.

ISORP was a great time…shopping at Walmart, Ramadan Iftar dinner at the Shawarma King, the Pool Party, karaoke, bowling, glow in the dark kickball, Pizza Party, Downtown tour with our American freshmen, Ice-skating, and finally a trip to the Beach!

We drew a grand-prize winner for a Streak Tablet….the winner was Erika, from Japan!

We also went swimming…and Lake Michigan was GORGEOUS!

A group of us at the Picnic and Beach Party. :)

Below, a picture of our Beach Party and 148 of our International Students. :)

Again, a GREAT Orientation and lots of memories…sad to think I won’t be going into the ISORP Office every morning any more, but I’ve got plenty of classwork now to keep me from dwelling…;) If you’re interested in International Life at WMU, please come to our International Programs Council meetings every Friday at 4:15 pm in the Bernhard Center!

Now on the dockit for the night: Theatre Majors Meeting at 5 pm, moving my best friend into the Res Halls (she just transferred!), and, finally, catching a movie with the boyf. Good first day of school, I’d say.

Signing off fondly,

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