Hello Senior Year!


Hey everyone, I hope everyone has had a great first month of school. When everyone warned me that senior year would be crazy, I did not know just how crazy it would be. From leadership retreats, to Sorority Recruitment, work, classes, and everything in between, it’s safe to say that there is always something to do.

WSA has been great so far. We had 90 people at our first meeting including President Dunn. Since then, every meeting has had almost 100 students. I am so proud that our Student Government is the largest in the state of Michigan! My Executive Cabinet has been wonderful so far, everyone is working very hard to make WSA the best it can be. We have had great Western Wednesdays at the flagpoles this month, and highly attended Open Forums with administrators. It’s been an amazing opportunity to work side by side with administrators, including speaking monthly at WMU Board of Trustees meetings.

My classes are going really well but are definitely keeping me busy. I am in a leadership class which is really cool so far, and we get to shadow a leader in the community or on campus for the duration of the semester. My Public Relations class has been great so far as well. We write mock press releases and pitch letters, and all of mine have been about WMU. I am in a fashion class called “The History of Fashion” and lastly, a Geology class with a lab. It’s definitely a diverse schedule and keeping me very busy.

Weekends have been lots of fun because WMU keeps winning football games. The student section is such an energetic place to be sitting in. One weekend I volunteered for Drive Safe Kalamazoo which is always a lot of fun. Other than that I have just been busy studying and giving campus tours.

Well I am off to another class. Have a great week, Broncos!

It’s a great day to be a Bronco,

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