October 21st, 2011


Hello all!

Tomorrow morning, we have another WMU Open House for Seniors! I love Open House season. It reminds me anew of the many things that make WMU awesome. Seeing all of the booths and representatives for the different Academic colleges and services on campus refreshes this old 4th-year’s brain. I get kind of geeked out all over again. It also helps to have enthusiastic prospectives surrounding you. :)

Will go to bed soon. I was working diligently on my annotated bibliography for my Theatre History class, which will be due tomorrow at midnight. Can’t stay up much longer because I’ve got Directing Class in the morning. The Directing Class students will be working on a scene of our choice for the rest of the semester; this includes doing research, making prompt books, casting and holding rehearsals until our final showing. I’ve chosen “Sisters” by Cherie Vogelstein.

Here’s the schedule for the week of Directing Scene Casting:

We (the Directing students) hold auditions from 6-8 pm on Sunday, and again from 10-midnight on Monday. We hold individual callbacks on Tuesday, then cast on Wednesday morning. After that– we get crackin’ on rehearsals!

It’ll be good. :)

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