Home Sweet Home–Winter Break


Hey Broncos!

Can you believe the semester is over already? It went by so quickly! I hope everyone got the great grades they were expecting today.

The end to this semester was so busy with final exams and end-of-the-semester tours and campus programs. My sorority did our holiday gift exchange, which is my favorite program of the year. I gave my last tour of the year, and it was a great group.

The semester ended jut in time for me to celebrate Hanukkah with my family. The night I came home, my extended family had our Hanukkah party. The next night, I celebrated Hanukkah with my family, and tonight, the first official night of Hanukkah (there are eight days in total), I lit the menorah with my family. Its so nice to be home right in time for Hanukkah!

I am spending the rest of break celebrating the rest of Hanukkah, watching Disney movies with my little sister, and seeing my friends from home. Its nice to be home but
I have to admit I miss WMU a litttttttle bit.

Hope everyone has a great rest of break!

It’s a GREATday to be a Bronco,

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