Tuesday, January 17th, 2012


Hola and welcome to 2012!

So to update everyone on the goings-ons of last semester….last I left you, we were auditioning folks for our Directing Scenes. Luckily, I got a pair of beautiful, fabulous actresses (Ali Shea and Pleasant Huq) who BLEW THE SCENE OUT OF THE WATER. It was wonderfully received and hilarious…these two had the whole audience laughing. I was so so pleased.

Meanwhile, I was given a role myself! I’ll be playing Madame de Neuilly in this semester’s University show “Cure for Love” which is based on the Alexander DuMas short story “Fernande.” It’s a bawdy period piece, and so I’ve been having a blast in fittings for corsets and gowns and the like. I’ll try to update with little pictures from the rehearsal process. :) That’s my big commitment until late March, what with rehearsals beginning tonight! Wee!

Thirdly, I was offered another role under the Directing II class– playing that of Kate from “Taming of the Shrew.” I’m very excited for that one, too. I’ve never done extensive work with Shakespeare in a scene, so this’ll be new. And hopefully successful. xD

Updating this right before Scenic Design class, so I’d better start getting my supplies all sorted out. (: But I’ll update soon! Hope you all have a lovely week, folks!


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