RSO Fever


Get ready to be enlightened. There are over 300 registered student organizations on campus at WMU, and more and more are created every month. What’s amazing about the RSOs on campus, is that they range from anything like sororities and fraternities to quidditch teams and squirrel clubs.

Creating a club sounds like a daunting, complicated, and stressful task, but really it’s quite simple. All you need to get your org up and running is a group of four or more people who are interested in the idea, and write up a constitution. It’s that easy! In a matter of a half an hour, you can have a fully functioning club or organization!

What’s next you ask? Visit the GoRSO website to update your club information so that potential members can be well informed. Also, you should meet with your board to determine what kinds of events and activities you’d like to have for publicity and getting the organization grounded and established.

There you have it! Just a few easy steps to being an official club on campus! If you’ve got some friends who want to start a fun new idea, now you have the tools to get it underway!

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