Thursday, February 9


Hey there folks!

Am on break during Scenic Design class (working on a floor plan for Miss Julie, set in the 1960s South). Wanted to check in and update everyone on everything while our professor bribes us with Thin mint cookies. :)

Sara, Aleks, Andi
(Madame de Neuilly, Fabien, and Baroness)

“Cure for Love” is going so well; it’s such a blast. The language can be a challenge but it’s hilarious. The costumes are so fabulous– I’ve gone in for two fittings now and, whilst my torso is indeed constrained within a corset, the gown itself is huge. The sleeves on us ladies are so huge that we can’t let ourselves get in the habit of grabbing biceps in rehearsal, because it will be impossible once we’re costumed. My shoes are these fabulous gold-glittered-sequined things with these obnoxious yellow bows. I’m so excited. :)

The best part about this show is working with one of my favorite professors, Jim. He and his wife (who was my first acting teacher here at WMU) are having their last semester this spring and it’s such an honor to be in his final show. They’re amazing and we are so lucky to have had them for all these years….so, basically, I feel I need to try extra hard to make sure this last show will make him proud. :)

Meanwhile, I’ve got to solve my totally wonky project for Scenic design. Apparently straight-edges and triangles are my worst enemy. But it shall be conquered.

Hope you’re all well!


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