Wednesday, February 29,


Happy Leap Year!

Susie, Andi, and Sara
Clotilde, Mme. de Neuilly, and the Baroness

Andi and Ethan
The Count and the Baroness


Still working hard in rehearsals. We’ve now obtained our petticoats and the mockups of our skirts, so we’re moving right along! Last night was quite funny, as literally my last line onstage, I heard the clasp on my skirt go “Snick!” right before floom– and there I was, clutching my skirts in an attempt to keep ‘em up, lest everybody view my drawers. :P We barely finished the scene, we were all cracking up so hard.

Midterm week here at WMU! I’ve already completed my Communication 1000 midterm online, and just had my Scenic Design midterm (which, by the way, I’m pretty sure I aced :D). Tomorrow is possibly the hardest test I’ll have to endure– Theatre History II! Lofty is pretty much the best teacher ever, but his exams are not the sort that a confessed-non-studier (like me) can skate by on. Thus, here comes the rare time of the year that I actually have to pull out my notes and form a study party. :O But it’ll be fun.

Then, it’s off to Florida with my boyfriend and parents! Very, very excited. I’m out of town by 6 am on Friday morning….welp! Seems like so much to do before then. Can’t wait. :)


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