Western Winter Wonderland


Hey Broncos!

I hope everyone has had a great semester so far. After what seems like a winter without snow, the snow has fallen. Kalamazoo looks so pretty when it snows.

This semester has been so busy but has been really great. Student Government (WSA) is busier then ever as we move into the student government president/vice president elections. Its crazy to think that a year ago I was campaigning for my current position! WSA has had over 70 students in attendance at our meetings this semester. Our members have helped us plan large Western Wednesdays and other promotional activities. Last week, I surprised our Senate by bringing in the WSA President from 1963 to surprise them with a speech.

WSA continues to bring me so many opportunities. On Monday I gave a speech to the Kalamazoo City Commission about WSA and WMU students. It was an awesome experience. Next week, I will be giving one of my last speeches to the WMU Board of Trustees. It is so bittersweet realizing I will only be serving WMU students in this capacity for six more weeks.

My classes are going really well, my favorite one of the capstone for my non-profit leadership minor. My class is actually allocating grant money to local non-profit organizations, and we are so lucky to have that experience. My favorite part about the academics at Western is the real world experience we get in so many of our classes.

Good luck studying for Midterms, Broncos! Stay warm.

It’s a great day to be a Bronco,


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