Last Week of the Semester


We made it to the last week of the semester! Its been a crazy semester but the end is near. All anyone has left is final exams.

Last week, my nonprofit leadership capstone class finally had the grant celebration we had been preparing for all semester. My class had $2,000 of grant money to allocate to many local nonprofit organizations. At the celebration, we announced the five organizations we decided to fund.

It was so exciting to see how happy people from each nonprofit were to receive the funding. It was amazing being in a class that allowed us to do real-world nonprofit activities.

This weekend, I spent two days in Flint, Michigan at University of Michigan Flint for a statewide student government that WSA from WMU attends bi-monthly called the Student Association of Michigan. The conference has been really awesome because the organization gives all fifteen public schools in Michigan the opportunity to work together. At the conference, we have passed legislation, discussed ways for each student government to work together, and networked with other student leaders.

I ran for the position of University Affairs Chair to help students from all Michigan universities be heard, and was elected. I am so excited to be able to continue my work in student government until graduation!

Well, I am off to study for final exams. Good luck with exams everyone and have a great summer!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Bronco,


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