Saturday, April 7th


Happy Easter!

Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that “the Cure for Love” has officially ended its run just a little while ago, and what a magnificent experience it was. I truly fell in love with my cast; just because we no longer have rehearsal every night is no reason to stop hanging out. :)

We got lovely reviews, and frankly, this has been my favorite play experience. My character was absolutely a blast to work on. It was a great, great run (with only one small snafu with our chaise-lounge breaking from under me whilst in the middle of a monologue, but we worked through it and got huge laughs/applause…reminded us of the joy of live theatre!) :) Jim was such a wonderful director, our script was fabulously done by Jay, our technical staff was (as always) unparalleled. It was just so splendid. :)

And now….time to gear up for the next show! I’ll be playing Elyse/Mother Superior/Abess next Fall in the 2012 production of “Three Musketeers!” We have our first read-through on the 21st….I’m wonderfully excited! PS– we’ll be sitting in on a stage combat class during summer to rev us up fo the role. EEEE! :D

So, I shall leave you to enjoy your holiday, but here is a few photos from “Cure.”

Fooling around in the Dressing Room.
Sara, Andi, and Jody being silly in-costume.
Such geese.
Sara, Andi, and Jody still being weird.

Just the Ladies of “Cure.” (Look at those wigs….Thanks, Garrylee McCormick!)
Everyone! :)
Everyone….our big happy, “Cure for Love” family. :))

Such an experience. <3

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