Tuesday, April 24th


Well, here we are. Another exam week! It’s kind of staggering to realize that, had I not adopted a second major, I’d be walking this Saturday….and officially out in the real world by next week. :O It’s way too frightening– I’m so glad I have just one more year of being a college kid! :)

Waiting at the moment to turn in my Scenic Design Portfolio. Had a Comm exam yesterday, and a Theatre History and Dialects exam/presentation last week. So….basically, after this portfolio is graded, and after I submit my final paper on Victorian Actresses and Social Mobility to the incomparable Lofty Durham……I AM FREE.

Well, at least until the second week of May. I’ll be working the Run Crew (meaning, I move set pieces and help actors) for “The CAB Show: Bronco Way” which is the Summer Musical for Orientation students….it’s so cool, and one of the hallmarks of the WMU Orientation experience. :D I’m thrilled to be working on it! Furthermore, I have friends in the cast, as well as my good friend Aleks (Fabien in ‘Cure’, see below) being a Orientation Leader! It’ll be awesome seeing them every day. :) I’m also lucky to have been allowed into Dr. Orbe’s Interpersonal Comm class. He’s the BEST, so inspiring and so passionate. He’s a great prof. :) So that’s my Summer I!

Until then, I get to have a few days of rest and relaxation…and I’m super excited. :D I’ll be heading back to my hometown of Byron Center on Friday to spend the week with my family. <3 <3 <3 EEE! Can't wait.

And now, I must sign off– time to get my portfolio judged. :)) Have a great day, all!


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