Thursday, May 3rd–


Am already getting started on next Fall’s production! We had our first read-through last week, and it’ll prove to be a great experience. Our cast is pretty big, I must admit! I think it’s the biggest ensemble I’ve been in yet at University…somewhere near 18 people, I think? I’m so excited to work with these folks– not only do we work under Director D. Terry, who is the former Chair of the Department of Theatre (and namesake of the D. Terry Williams theatre), but I am also able to work with friends who I’ve never acted with before (other than classwork).

I’m not sure how elaborate the costuming and staging will be, but I do know that we were encouraged to take a Stage Combat class with an alum this summer. I doubt my role will call for many physical stunts– I’m Elise/Mother Superior/Abess/Old Woman– but I can’t WAIT to see what will ensue with this new production. :)

We at the Department of Theatre count ourselves as quite lucky to work on two Alexandre Dumas works in just one calendar year, and I must admit that I’m one of the luckiest– I’ve the opportunity to be in both! I love working on period pieces such as “Cure for Love” and “3 Musketeers.” :)

I just wanted to update everyone on my upcoming work. :) I’m going to be renting the newest Disney version of the film, and hopefully get my hands on the Tim Curry version within the next week. (I cannot WAIT to watch that one, because Tim Curry is my favorite actor!)

:D So, I’m off to re-read the script; everyone have a lovely day, and enjoy this increasingly gorgeous weather!

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