A Day in the Life – An Especially Hot Thursday

Use a fan to keep cool!

Use a fan to keep cool!

So today is probably the hottest day of the year so far. The high for today in Kalamazoo is 100 degrees, which doesn’t seem so bad, but in retrospect is actually very overwhelmingly hot.

People all over are ducking indoors trying to avoid the scorching temperatures. The air is hot and dry and the sun is blazing down on the citizens of Kalamazoo. All over Kalamazoo (especially in apartment complexes) people will be laying out in the sun soaking up its rays and taking cool dips into pools.

As for me, I will be sitting indoors for much of the day, and then heading off to the movies to catch a flick. I don’t yet know what I am going to see, but I figure it’s cool and dark in the theaters, so I will be very comfortable in the heat of this day.

Do what you can to stay cool! Don’t stay outside for too long because that could get dangerous!

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