A Day in the Life – Island Fest



Salutations blog fans!

I want to try something new! For my summer blogs, I plan on giving you guys a look at some of the things that I do for fun and in my spare time during the week this summer! I will be taking photos and including them in the blog along with details about that specific activity! (be sure to check out the bottom of the post for an explination of the picture) It’s sure to be a great summer!

Island Fest

Island Fest is a festival that comes to Kalamazoo during the summer, and celebrates the culture and life of the Islands south of the US. I myself went to Island Fest this past saturday, and experienced several different bands performing live music, delicious jerk chicken, fantastic products from local shops, and much more! I really loved the opportunity to enjoy the music and celebrate the island vibes with many other interested festival goers. Overall it was an exciting experience, and I am so glad that my first festival in Kalamazoo was such an awesome one!

Stay tuned, and get out this summer to visit festivals that circulate through Kalamazoo.

Picture: This was a photo that I took of the concert towards the end of festival

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