It’s Their First Year so Give Them a Cheer!


As everyone knows, each fall delivers a fresh crop of freshman students. These students are anxious and curious about the college experience, and are ready to explore the realm of secondary learning.

The first year of college can be daunting, fear-provoking, and stress-inducing. But First Year Experience’s Orientation program is designed to thwart those negative thoughts, feelings and interpretations.

Orientation is a two day process during the summer that allows first year students to get acclimated with campus, through tours, games, activities, and even a show! Students spend the night in Valley 1 to experience the residence hall life for a night, and preview what it will be like when they come in the fall.

The first day is filled with good old fashion fun, and an informative tour with facts about campus that will get them excited for the fall! They visit different program offices, and learn about the kinds of things they can do on campus. Additionally, they get their Bronco ID cards!

The second day is spent selecting classes for the fall, which gets the first year students ready for the process of selecting their classes in future semesters. This is key in helping them learn which classes to choose, and how to choose them.

Overall, orientation provides students with the opportunity to learn about campus, make new friends, and discover campus life!

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