Monday, June 11, 2012


I have had quite the summer so far! My communications class is going really well; we’re currently working on a project that explores the differences in genders as far as “love communication” goes– as well as the understanding men have of “milestones” (meeting parents, saying “I love you,” etc.) versus what significance women give them. It’s a great class, and I’m really enjoying Dr. Orbe. We had a pretty fabulous class discussion last week where everyone filled out two pieces of paper– one reading “What I wish I knew about relationships then that I knew now” and “The love advice I remember a parent giving me as a kid”– and we redistributed them anonymously. Then, we all read them aloud and discussed the various words written there. It was really eye-opening.

My work for the Bronco Way Orientation Musical is going really well, but it’s a huge workload! I am the only person working backstage, so my Stage Manager has dubbed me her Assistant Stage Manager (since I’m on headset and am constantly running around). I’m also in charge of the many props and all of the cleanup. I help with the Sound Guy’s tasks when he needs me to, as well, so I’m definitely earning my keep! It’s been so cool learning everything that our awesome Tech people have to master to keep a show running smoothly. I always knew they did gobs of work but now I’ve got a bit more understanding– and I can say, they have one of the hardest jobs in the theatre. But it’s so so cool, because by the end of the night, you see your actors go up there and it literally feels like your kids or something up there, and you’re just so proud! :) My mom keeps joking that maybe I should add Stage-Managing as a second major, and I can definitely see now why folks would like SMing. :)

I’ve got to get going, but I hope everyone is having a lovely summer and enjoying the weather. :)


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