Tuesday, June 26th–


We have another performance of “Bronco Way” CAB show tonight! Only a few more to go. It’s been hard work, but a cool experience– so, though my feet hurt at the end of the show, it’s worth it– and I lose tons of calories. :D

One of the best parts of the summer before you go to college is ORIENTATION! WMU has forty fabulous leaders who show you around campus and help you grab the reins. Not only that, but the very best part is, of course, seeing the Orientation Musical (“Bronco Way!” woo!). It’s hilarious, and it kind of walks you through some of the “firsts” of Freshman year. Everybody can relate to at least one character, or maybe each of the characters in some way. My favorite character is Drew, the third-year freshman (played by Ethan, who I was in “Cure for Love” with). He’s a riot. I love being backstage and getting to know all of my fabulous actors. It’s kind of like being a mama, I guess– watchin’ my little chickadees fly out to the stage! :D

I had my final for Comm today, and I hope that I’ll be able to tell you in my next post that I did well on my exam!


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