A Day in the Life – Go Home and Relax!


It’s summer time. The warm winds are blowing and the air conditioners are flowing. And people are enjoying their summer. There are tons of ways to have fun and enjoy your summer off.  As for me, I have taken some time to venture back to the east side for some R & R back at home.  

My days off from work have been melodious so far. Coming home has been a wonderful experience, and I have truly begun to enjoy myself. Though my mother is in Texas, and my dog is with her boyfriend for the next few days, I am having a good ole time. I am spending these days gorging on snacks and having tv marathons of my favorite cartoons. It truly is a wonderful life to be back home in my element living it up the way I used to. High school memories come flooding back as I lounge in my pj’s all day long while sipping on sodas and snacking on crackers.

I’m having a great time here enjoying my weekend off. Take some time to go to your own home for the summer and enjoy some summer time relaxation!

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