A Day in the Life – Jamin’ July Fourth


picnicToday is that one day of the summer where barbecues are mandatory, and people break out the professional-grade fireworks for an exciting day and night of blasts and burgers.

People all over town will be celebrating any and every way they know how today. Many buildings are closed today due to the celebration of North America’s independence from England…Or at least, I think that that is what it’s all about.

Interestingly enough, many Americans aren’t quite sure what July fourth is all about. It really makes us seem rather silly when we can’t explain the holiday to foreigners who may inquire about it. When I was asked by a Korean study abroad student about what the holiday was all about, I blanked for about 3 minutes. I had to think, and even then, my brain wasn’t delivering the correct answer. I told her that it was the day when we as North Americans were freed from the control of England. After a refresher online, I discovered that it is more specifically a day that celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which in itself is essentially a statement that declares the then thirteen colonies, independent states a part from the British empire.

It seems silly, but sadly many Americans forget the elementary school lesson that explains this concept…Including myself. I would encourage all of you to reflect on the concepts that make this day what it is :)

What are my plans you ask?

I am going to have a fun outdoor picnic and then a dip in the pool!

I hope your day is exciting and fun!

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