Over the past few days I’ve had a chance to correspond with my host mom, Marisol, via email. I already know I’ll love living with her!

Marisol has been hosting international students in her home for 15 years and students from Western for ten. Her husband died four years ago, and she has four grown children and five grandchildren, who she said are around all the time. I’m looking forward to playing with the kids – what a great opportunity to learn more Spanish!

Along with being a mom, host mom, and grandma, Marisol somehow finds time to be involved in so many other activities. Apparently she’s an amazing cook (she hosts a Thanksgiving dinner for WMU students each November!); her other interests include dancing, swimming, sewing, reading, and writing. And she has a cat.

Her email to me was so warm and friendly  – the subject said “un saludo cariñoso de Burgos para tí Mandi“(translation: a loving/caring greeting from Burgos for you, Mandi). She gave me advice on what to bring and what to leave at home. Marisol said that if any of my family decided to visit me in Spain, she welcomed them to stay at her house! This lady seems super kind and wonderful to be around – I can’t wait to meet her in person!

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