Summer Science Class Fun


Well it’s another day of 100 degree weather day in Kalamazoo! Hope everyone stays hydrated.

I luckily am spending most of the day in air conditioning in WMU’s Parkview Engineering Campus for my summer class. I am taking GPS1500, which is Introduction to Graphic and Printing Sciences. Each WMU student must take a “science with a lab” class, and I am not a science person at all, so I was relived to find the most hands-on science I could find.

The class is a lot of fun. While there is lots of learning, the lab side of the class has awesome projects. So far we have made business cards, name plates, and magazine advertisements. This week we will go into the actual printing lab to print items that are not every day items, such as personalized notepads and our very own paper. For my notepad, I was able to choose four designs. I chose WMU’s logo/seal, a Bronco, my sorority’s logo, and my name. I am excited to see how they turn out/ At the end of the semester we are designing our own tee shirts. I am really excited about that project.

The best part of my science class is that it is located at Parkview Engineering Campus. If you are interested in engineering this is definitely a campus you will want to research. The Engineering facility alone is amazing, high tech, and has so many hands-on learning opportunities. As well as the paper printing place, tee shirts can be printed, and there is even a concrete canoe club that has their canoe in the building. It is an awesome place to learn!

Well I am off to my class. Have a great week Broncos!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Bronco,
Erin Kaplan

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