Summer Weekend in Chicago


Hey Broncos!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent the weekend in Chicago visiting friends. My roommate from WMU has a paid internship at a nonprofit organization in Chicago this summer, so I visited her Friday night. We walked to a set of restaurants and stores and I learned how to take the bus in Chicago and it was beautiful. The next day we went shopping and went sightseeing and ate amazing food.

The next day I visited a friend from WMU who recently graduated from the Social Work program at WMU. She just started Social Work graduate school in Chicago so she lives there now. Visiting her was awesome because she took me all around Chicago. She said there are a lot of recent graduates from the Social Work program at WMU in Chicago. It is exciting to hear about WMU alumnae succeeding immediately after graduation.

Chicago is a great mini vacation spot for WMU students because its so close to WMU. Kalamazoo is exactly half way between Detroit and Chicago, approximately two and a half hours from each. The drive to Chicago from Kalamazoo took me only two hours, and I even saw people wearing MU clothes while over there. Anyone who wants a mini trip should head that way!

Have a great week Broncos!


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