A Day in the Life- Experiences That Last – Amber


So I have this friend, her name is Amber, and she attends Western with me. Amber is one of the most colorful people that I have ever met, and her silliness is inspiring to all. With her free and fun-loving spirit, she’s always ready to try something new, and here is her outlook on life at Western…and in general.

Pasha: What’s the best part about Western to you?

Amber: “The best part about Western is that I can genuinely say that there is friendly environment in Kalamazoo, and I can’t say that about a lot of places.

P: What has been your greatest moment at Western?

A: Having a professor that inspired me to see the world.

P: Why did you choose Western?

A: I came to Western because after my tour, I talked to a random girl at the bus stop about why she chose Western, and I had only heard positive things before coming, so
I figured it must be great.

P: How is college life for you?

A: I’m really glad that I got the full college experience and moved away, just because I feel like it helped me learn a lot of life lessons on my own. College life is treating me quite fantastically.

P: How is being 20? Is it hard being independent and entering the adult world?

A: I love being twenty. I love the fact that I’m young and my days are filled with fun. I take advantage of the fact that I’m young, yet still understand that I am on the road
to adulthood. I’m young, and I love it, but I gotta understand that I have to get my stuff done.

P: What do you think is the biggest challenge of your future?

A: Now that I know what I want to study, now I have to figure out what I want my career to be. There are so many things you can do with communications.”

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