A Day in the Life – GO GO GOLD!


Hey there blog fans, I hope that you are enjoying the Olympics. And I know that I certainly am. The Olympics is an amazing opportunity for the United States athletes to really strut their stuff and show the entire world just exactly the kinds of things that they are made of. Recently, I have been spending much of my time watching the Olympics, and rooting for America as we take home gold in several different events. It didn’t dawn on me that the Olympics was two weeks and not just a few short days. Apparently, each day is a new event in which the athletes perform at their very best with hopes of getting an Olympic gold. I couldn’t believe the swimming events and the gymnastics competition. There are some amazing athletes on the US team. I think that the Olympics is a really big opportunity for Americans to really have something to join together and be proud of. There are not too many things in North America that people feel they’re proud of, and I really think the Olympics is a chance for people to bond together and cheer for our Olympic athletes.

I don’t know how interested you are in sports, but I would recommend getting into the Olympics if you have the time. It’s broadcasted on major networks usually in the evenings, and you can catch some pretty spectacular events. I’m not sure if it’s live or not but there are tons of things to see. And for those of you who’ve been with the Olympics since day one, you know that it is located in London and it’s opening day saw a spectacular night of pyrotechnics and videography, as well as some amazing choreography and cameos. It wasn’t as good as Beijing to me, but I still enjoyed curling up with my mother and watching the queen of England spiral down from a helicopter.

Take this time if you will, to celebrate being an American, and what that truly means, as we enjoy our US athletes taking home as much gold as they can!

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