Dos días.


Wow, the big day is almost here! Only two days away…incredible.

Over the past few days I’ve had to say several goodbyes to family and friends. There haven’t been any tears yet, but my brother jokes that my mom’s eyes water every times someone says the word “Spain”.  The most frequent question people have asked me during our goodbyes is, “Are you ready?” And YES, absolutely, I am. I am so ready to experience this new adventure and learn as much as I can! My suitcase isn’t quite as ready as my brain is, though – it’s hard to fit four months’ worth of stuff into a 50 pound bag! However, I’m confident that everything  I need to accomplish will get done before Wednesday.

I fly out of Chicago with several other students on Wednesday afternoon, and I’ll be arriving in Madrid on Thursday morning. There is a six hour time difference, and the flight is eight hours long. Upon our arrival in Madrid, we will drop our suitcases off at a hotel and have two days of sightseeing and adjustment to the culture and the time (6 hours ahead). On Saturday, we will take a bus from Madrid to Burgos, where we will meet our host families.

I’m not too nervous about flying or traveling – I’ve flown to Europe twice before for mission trips, so I think everything will work out fine. I’m just hoping the other people on my trip will still like me after the long hours of traveling together. I’ve been known to get pretty grumpy when I’m sleep deprived. :)

I am SO looking forward to this trip! Thanks for joining me on this part of the adventure. The next time I post, I’ll be in España!

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