First Year Experience – A Follow Up


My last post focussed on the first year students, and their future experiences during Fall Welcome. Now that I have completed Fall Welcome week, I am proud of and eager to share my experience with all of you.

The last week has been both fun and stressful for me. For those of you who don’t quite know the program, Fall Welcome is a week of fun and interactive activities, seminars, academic sessions, and presentations. Each day is jam packed with things for them to see and do, and the opportunities to win fantastic grand prizes!

My personal experience was both fulfilling and exhausting. Each day featured a morning meeting among student ambassadors which took place around 7:45a.m. This was followed by a meeting with the lethargic first-year students that were assigned to every group. After morning meetings with both staff and students, the day rolled on with presentations and helpful tips and tricks for college success. Though many of the students rolled their eyes and sighed dramatically, I am certain that at least a handful of students found the information helpful.

My particular group was a good mix of energetic students. Though there were a few heavy sighers and silent protests against some activities, everyone seemed reasonably interested in the things taking place.

The activities featured things like: Meijer Mania, Click Downtown (a downtown scavenger hunt of sorts), the comedic and magical stylings of Curtis Zimmerman and Judson Laipply, and sooo much more!

I must say, that as a whole, I am beyond glad that I made the decision to take part in Fall Welcome, and I don’t regret any part of it!

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