From Pulp to Paper & Printed T’s


Well hey there blog readers! Hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far.

I know mine has been busy busy busy finnishing my summer science class. This week I actually was able to make the shirt. It involved printing the design on a machine, pressing ink on it and running the “squeeze” through it, and drying the shirt. Right on campus. How cool is that?!

Speaking of how awesome the engineering campus is, did you know WMU is the only campus in Michigan where pulp can be turned into paper all in one building? This basically means that our paper engineering students put tree bark in a machine and right in front of them it comes out as paper. Pretty nifty. They also participate in other types of paper conversion. I have to say, I love being an Organizational Communication major but some days I just think about how cool it would be to be able to do awesome projects with the engineers.

Outside of class, I am studying all the time as I prepare to take the Graduate Records Exam in September. The GRE is like the ACT for Graduate School (and just as much fun :) ). So, I am studying more than ever before to enter the field of Higher Education & Student Affairs.

Well that’s all for now friends, have a great weekend!

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