Ordinary days & extraordinary events


Hello, everyone! After a week and a half here, I think I’m getting the hang of daily life in Spain. To let you all get a feel for my life here, I thought I’d give you an idea of what a normal day looks like for me.

7:30 – Wake up and get ready for school.

8:15 – Eat breakfast. This usually consists of toast with marmelade or Nutella, coffee, and fresh-squeezed orange juice.

8:45 – Leave for school. The University of Burgos is only about a 10-15 minute walk from my house which is great. I’m very blessed because many of my friends’ houses are over an hour walk away, and they have to catch the bus in order to get there.

9:10 – class starts. I have two hours of language classes in the morning, which are my favorite. I was very blessed to be placed into the advanced language class, and my teacher (who happens to be named Jesús and was born on December 25th!) is both informative and friendly.

11:00 – Descanso (break). We usually go to the cafeteria to get a snack and chat with friends.

11:30 – History class (called “Cultural Keys of the 20th and 21st Centuries”), followed by a class about living in Spain, called Vivir España.

1:30 – Classes finish, and I walk home.

2:00 or 2:30 – Lunch, the largest meal of the day. I typically spend a long time chatting with my host mom, Marisol, during lunch.

3:30- 4:30 or 5:00 – Afternoon siesta. I love how people in Spain just stop everything to take a nap! I usually rest or hang out my room for a while.

5:00 – At this point, what I do depends on the day. Sometimes I hang out with friends, go downtown, or do homework.

9:00 – Dinner. People don’t eat until very late here! Dinner is a smaller meal than lunch, and sometimes I eat by myself if Marisol has other obligations.

10:00 – After dinner I usually spend time in my room reading, online, etc.

12:00 – Bedtime!

That’s a normal day, but in the past week there have been some things that have happened that are definitely not everyday occurrences:

First, I was interviewed for the newspaper in Burgos last week! They had an article about the group of American students studying here, complete with individual photos of the two students they interviewed and shot of the whole group. I was a little nervous that I would say something wrong or not speak well in Spanish, but it went well. :)

The second unusual thing that happened this past week was that two of my dearest friends from WMU, Kelsey and Sydney, came to visit me in Burgos!! They’ve been participating in another study abroad program in northern Spain this summer and will return to the U.S. next week. It was SO wonderful to catch up with them and spend some time together this past weekend. I felt very honored and very grateful that they would come here to see me!

Amigas en España!

I spent some time showing them the city, and we also were able to see the inside of the Catedral de Burgos for the first time. All of the Gothic architecture is really awesome, and the visit was even more valuable since we had all learned about the cathedral in school. I took tons of pictures, but the ceilings were my favorite. What beautiful architecture!

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