Friday, September 21st–


Hello dear readers!!

Today is a busy day! I’ve got a Recruitment meeting for the Theatre; our team looks marvelous this year. We’ll be going around to different events– usually like Illinoisfest, Unified Auditions, and many more– to spread the word about how awesome WMU’s Department of Theatre is. Today we’ll find out what other exciting events we’ll add to the docket. :)

Even more exciting: my extensive costume fitting is this afternoon! I have more costume changes in “Three Musketeers” than I’ve had in any other production. I have six costume changes. I’m most excited to be “Ball Guest,” decked out in a beautiful gown and mask modeled after a Flamingo (as of last fitting, at least). I’m a terrible dancer, but through the patience of my castmate and choreographer Brittanie, I may just be able to master the dances at the Ball (dressed marvelously the whole time). ;) I’m also going to be putting on a fat suit for my last cameo in the show, so that’ll be a riot! :D

As for some of the other roles, I hope to be donning a blonde wig for my character of Elyse. I’m sweet-talking the wigmaster in an attempt to be a blonde (just once!) onstage. ;) I’ll update you on whether or not the designers approve of such a color on me. :D

The only photo I’m afraid I can provide thus far is a picture of the beautiful Queen Anne, played by Kelsey Jackson. Her hair was quite regal during Rehearsal, so obviously I had to take a moment to get a shot of it. :)

Kelsey Jackson

I best be off soon, as I’m booked the whole day through. Recruitment from 12-12:45, Ambassador meeting at 1 until 2:20, Costume fitting 2:30-3:30, a Newsletter Editors’ Meeting from 4-4:30. Busy afternoon! But, hey, college is all about prioritizing and time-management.

Tonight we are having a fight-call rehearsal, which hopefully means that we might get out a little early. If we do, I know what I’m doing– going to hunker down and start my first project for Development of Theatre Arts. My topic? The Federal Theatre Project of 1936. :)

Of course, we can’t forget there’s a WMU Football game tomorrow! GO BRONCOS!

Have a wonderful Western weekend!


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